NVIDIA Power. NDI Possibilities.

There’s a new game in town.

NDI® Screen Capture HX works seamlessly with NVIDIA GPU-based PC’s to make your screen available as an NDI source on the network, eliminating the need for expensive video capture cards when sharing or streaming content from another computer.


Game Stream Performance

Allow game streamers to capture their screen without impacting frame-rate and share or stream it from another computer system on the network running OBS Studio, XSplit, or any of the thousands of applications that support NDI.

4K Remote Control

Remotely control one machine using another on the network with full frame-rate video (even on 4K displays!) and full support for moving keyboard, mouse, touch surface, clipboard, audio and video between machines.


IP Video Revolution

Remove all CPU overhead. Create New Workflows.

NDI Screen Capture HX makes incredible new video workflows possible when used in conjunction with NDI tools provided by NDI, NewTek, and thousands of other NDI developer partners. By removing all CPU overhead when capturing a screen, now for the first time you can use applications, games, and content creation tools without any performance compromises, further enabling the IP video revolution that is more relevant than ever.

Capabilities of NDI Screen Capture HX:

  • Full resolution screen capture up to 4K and above, at frame-rates up to 120 Hz or higher
  • End-to-end hardware accelerated implementation of NDI|HX including screen capture, color conversion, and video compression
  • Using the high-quality dedicated encoding pipeline on NVIDIA hardware. With full control over the video bitrate, it is possible to have perfect image quality while using almost any network – including wireless!
  • Incredibly low latency screen capture
  • Support for capturing audio from any sound device – input or output – fully synchronized with the video signal
  • Full remote KVM solution, allowing remote control of keyboard, mouse, clipboard and even touch from a remote machine
  • Full control over the video bandwidth, resolution, and frame-rate being used

NDI® Screen Capture HX & Beyond

NDI Screen Capture HX is provided as part of the free NDI Tools and is available as an installable option when the latest version of NDI Tools is installed on a machine utilizing an NVIDIA GPU. To find out more about NDI Tools and their capabilities, check here.

NDI® Tools
for Windows

  • NDI Studio Monitor
  • NDI Scan Converter
  • NDI Screen Capture HX
  • NDI Virtual Input
  • NDI VLC Plugin
  • NDI for Adobe Creative Cloud
  • NDI Import I/O for Adobe CC
  • NDI Access Manager
  • NDI Test Patterns
  • NDI|HX Driver
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NDI® Software
Developer Kit

Join the largest ecosystem of IP products in the industry. Download the royalty free NDI SDK to access the tools and resources to integrate native NDI support into your systems, devices, and applications today.

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NDI® Advanced
Developer Kit

The NDI Advanced SDK is designed for NDI integration into embedded devices. The ARM-based SDK, provides stream level access to NDI, FPGA implementation and full source code to permit an off the shelf FPGA dev-kit to be used as a starting point for NDI encoding projects.

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