Science Image NDI® Studio 4K Series Converters

May 04, 2021 by Scott Carroll

—Science Image released three new NDI® 4 K converters: 1) NDI studio 4 K H, 2) NDI studio 4 K S and 3) NDI studio 4 K SH.—

NDI studio 4 K H is a 4 K version converter with HDMI Input/Output interface, NDI studio 4 K S is a 12 G SDI UHD version converter with SDI Input/Output interface, and NDI studio 4 K SH is a full interface version of 12 G SDI and HDMI 4 K.

The three newly released NDI 4 K boxes all have the same features, such as high bandwidth NDI coder and decoder, UpDown converter (which can work with NDI at the same time), optical fiber transceiver, external analog audio embedding and de-embedding, reserved internal Intercom interface, support DC, Poe, USB three power supply models etc.

All the Science Image NDI series converters adopt special independent interface chip and non FPGA soft core, which greatly improves the compatibility with third party devices, and has stable performance. They can quickly and efficiently convert HD to 4 K SDI and HDMI video source into NDI stream or quickly decode NDI stream into HDMI 4 K and 12 g sdi signal output. At the same time, users can choose and switch nearly 30 NDI and SDI HDMI output formats in the Web UI, comprehensive interfaces, eye catching information display methods, such as large and exquisite tally, OLED screen real time display box working status, interface connection indicator light, convenient and quick control mode RJ 45 Laudo USB, comprehensive and many practical management functions NDI bandwidth, volume, frequency and picture frame, and still many functions for users to choose, such as the adjustment of the control of external audio and the control of optical transceiver.

Science Image currently has a full range of high bandwidth NDI converters. In 2018, it began to develop NDI products. Since the first NDI HD mini converter was released in IBC2019, it has successively launched HD and 4K series NDI codecs, which have won praise from users in a number of projects. In the future, it will focus on the IP oriented professional market of Broadcast and ProAV and develop more excellent products to users and the market.

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