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April 04, 2022 by Ivy Li. Marketing Director. KILOVIEW

With the release of the NDI CORE and NDI Recording system in 2022, KILOIVEW’s exploration in the NDI world is getting unstoppable. KILOVIEW NDI CORE is an NDI centralized management tool (both software and hardware) to Control, Organize, Route, and distribute Every NDI source everywhere. NDI Recording is an independent recording system that can record up to 20 NDI sources simultaneously for archiving. Adding these two family members, KILOVIEW now proudly offers the following NDI gears:

NDI Converters:
NDI|HX: N1/N2; E1 NDI/E2 NDI; D300/DC230
Full NDI: N3/N4; N30/N40; N6/N60; U40
NDI Utility Applications:

Cutting budgets, live production, remote production, and live streaming are several hot trends that KILOVIEW NDI products always keep up with.

Money-saving means generating more profits. Instead of coils of expensive SDI cables, the much more cost-effective choice is HD videos transmission by KILOVIEW NDI converters on Ethernet. Leveraging NDI technologies, IP-based videos can then be (1) duplicated, distributed, switched, loop played by KILOVIEW NDI CORE; (2) monitored by KILOVIEW NDI Multiview; (3) recorded by KILOVIEW NDI Recorder; or if you’d like to have the NDI signals utilized in SDI or HDMI formats, you can (4) convert signal via KILOVIEW nice affordable NDI converter boxes.

KILOVIEW NDI converters are perfectly designed for on-site live production by intaking HD videos from SDI cameras, transmitting in NDI to your production unit via Ethernet or LAN, and then pushing streams for live. KILOVIEW converters are affordable nice ones. Simply combined with a KILOVIEW Media Gateway to transfer NDI to live protocols (RTMP/RTMPS/HLS etc.), and then live you go.

KILOVIEW NDI products boost working-effectiveness considerably in the context of remote production and lives stream workflow. No matter you’re using OBS, vMix, or other production systems, you can always send pre-configured KILOVIEW NDI converters to distant clients for signals acceptation and conduct all following operation at your studio: manage signals by NDI CORE, push the streamflow to your NDI production system, and monitor all NDI signals through the free software: KILOVIEW NDI Multiview.

Regarding live streaming, you can certainly go live directly from production software. Another good idea is leveraging a KILOVIEW Media Gateway to transfer a split-screen NDI signal, with your preferred video layout, from KILOVIEW NDI Multiview to protocols to go live.

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